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Mobile app development is a process of creating fully-functional mobile applications that target a specific business or a product. Mobile applications are preferred over websites, as they require less internet to load. They are downloaded in a user’s phone making them easier to use anytime. Having their databases downloaded with them in the phone, the loading and processing time reduces remarkably because data parsing takes minimal time. Many app development firms offer iPad application development, but they some of them lack in producing well-finished products and others lack the quality of producing user-interactive apps. We have experienced local app developers who have built many successful applications throughout their career. They know dynamics of an efficient app development like no one else does. Our Apple app developers have such extensive knowledge of iOS development, that they can resolve any bugs and errors that are thrown towards them. For exceptionally good mobile application development and design, contact us and discuss your requirements with us. We are sure we will be able to come up with a suitable plan for you. We can bring your ideas to reality!

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Custom Application Development Services

Mobile applications may seem straight-forward, but they are complex at functional level. We comprehend that every business has its reservations when it comes to its product’s application. Every application cannot be built on one fundamental design. To cater to different type of application requirements, Quality Resourcing Group LLC offers reliable custom application development services. Our android application development services and iPhone/iOS app development services are great on their own, but can be customized as well. Our app developers can design and develop any application that you may require for your business needs. We have previously created top-notch customized applications that fulfil our customer’s requirements fully and perform above and beyond! If you have a crazy idea for an app, we encourage you to bring it to us and have a thorough discussion about it. We encourage new ideas and try our best to carter to them as much as we can.

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Process For Application Development

01- Conceptualization

One of the fundamental steps of the whole application development process is its conceptualization. It is easy to think that my business needs an application that does "this, this and this", but when we look at it from a developing point of view and open up the requirements and divide them into micro requirements, they turn out to be a lot complex and in-detail. Conceptualization is the process where we combine the user expectation with the dynamics of development and see how much of it is achievable using different development and design techniques.


02- Validation

The validation process includes testing and validation of the actual product. Verification and validation are often mentioned together and in order to make sure a product is developed according to the requirements and produces expected output, it has to go through V&V, or in other words, verification and validation. In validation, we make sure that the application under development, actually meets the user needs and requirements. It is done to ensure that we are developing exactly what the user has envisioned, so no time is wasted in correcting things. It can be named a pro-active approach towards ensuring that the final product is right out of our client's dreams!

Deliver To Customer

05- Deliver To Customer

The last step in application development is delivering it to the customer. This step comes after almost seven steps of mobile application development and has its own significance. When an application is delivered to the customer, it is downloaded on their devices, and a training session is held to introduce the application's functionalities to the users and the stakeholders. It is necessary to give them an introductory training so they feel comfortable with the new application and know how to use it properly.


03- Development

Development is the process of implementing all the design, architecture, and business requirements and producing a prototype that us usable and testable. The process of coding includes writing sets of different codes that fulfil the functional and non-functional requirements of a project. Development is that phase in application development. You start to see something viewable and useable in a form of a prototype application, which then can be tested and validated.


04- Testing

After the phase of development, comes the phase of rigorous testing. Testing of software is done to ensure that it has no functional or computational bugs when it is delivered to the client and the user can then start to use it immediately. In this phase of testing, the software, all its components, and then their sub-components called units, are tested individually and then in combinations. After individual (unit) and component testing, the system is continuously tested as a whole system. We have dedicated teams to perform testing activities and only after their heads-up, we hand-over our projects to our clients.


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Development & Testing

We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

Deliver To Customer
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We Do Not Just Build Apps

We Craft Best Mobile Experiences

Building a mobile application is different from crafting the best mobile experience for the users of an app. At Quality Resourcing Group LLC, our developers design and built user experience-oriented applications. We focus on enhancing our app’s UI/UX by getting constant feedback from our clients.
Our applications are easy to use, user-friendly and adapt to all the recent user experience trends. We know that interface layouts can make a huge difference in how happy and satisfied a user feels after using a certain app when it comes to mobile applications. To ensure our developed applications have the best design, we have highly-skilled application designers in our team. They ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to focusing on design details. We ensure you that if you let us build your mobile application, it will fulfil all the functional requirements of your business and give your users a satisfying experience. Now that’s a plus point!

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Emilia Clarke
Quality Resource has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does Your Business Need An App?

    A productive mobile solution goes deeper than just a responsive mobile website. As an entrepreneur, it can make a lot of a difference to have an app. Most of your business clients spend hours on their mobile devices, so why not build a forum that sparks their curiosity and increases your brand's popularity in the form of a mobile application, that stays in their phone regardless of having an active internet connection or not? You will also be able to provide push alerts to remind users of essential data that might not be found elsewhere.

    Is An App For A Business Worth Investments?

    The native mobile apps have better advantages over a conventional website for mobile users, including ease-of-push alerts, improved performance and a better customer experience overall. Building an app for entrepreneurs could help you gain momentum, improve business or simply solve customer issues that cannot be achieved through a website. So, we say YES! It's a great investment for your business, as it is bound to increase your clientele!

    How Much Time Does It Take To Develop An App?

    It can take anywhere from 2-3 months for simplified app development, and it can take anywhere from 7-8 months for a more complex app that is coded for both iOS and Android. If you would like more detail about the timeline for an app, we recommend calling us and finding out. As the time for any application's development is subjective to its size, scope and complexity, it is hard to give hard-coded time frames in general.

    What Platform Should We Target To Launch An Android App?

    If you are aiming for an android app specifically, we encourage you to launch it in a suitable android platform. But, as our personal recommendation, we always tell our customers to always get their applications built for both, Android and iOS platforms, so their business does not miss out on a considerable chunk of clientele. We can build them both efficiently so it doesn't matter which platform you want to target, come to us and let us assist you!

    Will The Developer Provide The Source Code Of The App To The Customer?

    We will supply you with the source code after the final payment has been cleared, and you will be the owner of that source code. We encourage our clients to always get their source code, so they will be able to edit or modify it later when the need arrives. You can also get it modified by us and we would love to assist you in change handling as well!

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