Cyber Security Needs For An Organization

As businesses and platforms are moving towards the online platform and automation apart from having benefits it has some drawbacks which can cause huge loss to stakeholders.

cyber security

As businesses and platforms are moving towards the online platform and automation apart from having benefits it has some drawbacks which can cause huge loss to stakeholders. From last decade Cyber crimes are increasing on daily basis for small and medium businesses. As company data and privacy is the major concerns. To secure them give them a vulnerable free platform they need to hire IT professional and cybersecurity experts so that they can defend your data. With the help of professional experts you can recover from previous incidents and your security loopholes in one step. The most important benefit is our site and data is secure and under monitoring and observation 24/7 as these attacks occur mostly after office hours. We can secure attacks like brute force, ransom attack and man in the middle attack. We can track them, prevent them and redirect them.

Offerings By QRG

As we have the certified cyber security experts who are ready to safeguard your organization for you. We will defend your systems, servers and your smart devices on the network. Here is the list of our offerings:


Network Security

We will secure your systems, computers and laptops using the protected shields which are developed by our cyber security department, so that we can prevent intruders and opportunistic virus by implementing protocols over the internet and by firewall implementation.


Application Security

This section will keep your all the applications and software secure which a company is using over the internet and ensuring that their devices are secure. These applications will be under special monitoring.


Information Security

It protects the integrity and privacy of data both on servers which are on promises and on cloud as well using third party. It includes all the devices on the network. Specially our routers, switches and end devices.


Operational Security

In this section we will secure all the processes over the internet to make sure no attacker is monitoring our communication who can steel our data and information related to assets of the company. This feature will give us the permissions of the employees who can access the data and who can’t access it without permission.


Disaster Recovery

If we face any attack over the organization. We will act on it accordingly by analyzing the attack type and the level of severity and damage it can cause. Then making sure that it is as secure as before the attack and eliminate the loophole by which an attacker came. During the whole process we will make sure there isn’t any interruption in organization’s working environment


End User Education

We need to educate our employees about all the possible known and common attacks so that they can act accordingly. Anyone who don’t have any skills on using system and laptops over the network can bring virus or can bring an attacker into the organization virtually unintentionally. Teaching them to act accordingly on very type of suspious activity over the internet especially in emails and while downloading.

Types Of Attacks We Deal With

● Malware protection
● trojans,
● spyware
● ransomware
● SQL injections

● DOS attacks
● Man-in-the-middle
● Romance Scams
● Emotet Virus

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