What Is The Purpose Of A Website?

What Is The Purpose Of A Website

Many argue that the current pandemic has served as a crucible and compelled the world to drastically change its ways of living. It includes schooling, shopping, and most importantly, conducting business. Since the dot tom revolution, companies were gradually moving to the virtual world but this pandemic has accelerated that migration. The “bricks and mortar” store has become irrelevant for many and the digital identity for a business now means a lot. No wonder there is a massive uptick in the online “way of doing things”. A website is a unique, highly specialized online place where owners can put relevant information for the world to see. It serves as many purposes as you want it to. Both in foresight and hindsight, the primary purpose of a website is to communicate and impart knowledge. 

Rationale Of A Website

An End

When a creator, such as a writer or an artist, uploads his or her work on a website, the website is serving as an end. There is no going beyond that point. Users can interact at that point and show their interest. This is the ultimate destination for the content and the owner. 

A Means To An End

When a website is used to impart knowledge about a company, it serves as a means to an end. The content on the website serves as a bridge to connect consumers with the business. For instance, a plumbing company’s website shows all the relevant information regarding the work that is done in the real world. The content on the website does not live on its own, but only as an intermediary. 

A Website In The New Normal

The importance of websites has grown manifolds in both settings as both consumers and sellers are relying on digital channels to connect with each other. In the same way, creators are sharing their work and receiving feedback on it, all through the medium of the internet with websites being the primary channel. Still, it is not simple and straightforward, for both an individual and a business entity, to go on and create a website from scratch. Since a website answers a number of questions readily, there are some questions in its making that you need to answer. This is where web design and development come into the picture. 

Web Design & Development

Website Design & Development

In the domain of the internet and websites, we often hear the words “web design” and “web development”, often in conjunction. Deep down, they serve a single purpose, but the manifestation of that purpose varies on the surface. 

Web Design

Web design deals with “visual” elements of a website. Al. known ss front-end development, it is concemed with the apparent stnthure of the website and how the information is presented in that space. Although web development goes behind this aspect, it is referred to as web design in its own right. 

The major elements of web design are as follows;

  • Branding 
  • Navigation 
  • Aesthetics 
  • Accessibility 
  • Web Friendly 
When developers work on building websites, they keep in mind these aspects of the appearance of a website. 

All of these elements, when done right and optimized, help businesses connect seamlessly with customers and prospects. The search engines can go through the website and read them for what it is. This helps them in ranking it against search terms and keywords. 

Following programming languages are used for front-end development or web designing; 

  • HTML 
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript 
  • J Query 
  • React 
  • Angular JS 
Web Development

Web Development

When you go past the surface of a website, you reach the back-end development area where the real action takes place. It is a garden of commands and instnictions with layers of codes, one on top of the other, that makes a website behave and appear in a certain manner. 

To make a bridge between the front and back ends, developers write server-side axles to ensure the latest information and data go back and forth smoothly. This also helps in updating the information. 

The crux of the information resides on a server and there is only a fraction of that information that is presented in a readable manner for the users to do what they want with a website. 

Here is the rundown of languages that back end developers use to write codes; 

  • Java 
  • PHP 
  • Ruby and Ruby On Rails 
  • CA 
  • MySQL 
  • MongoDB 

Although these areas are different and highly specialized, they are usually handled through different developers who are fluent in programming languages in their own fields. However, there are developers, called full-stack developers, who have prowess in both fields. They can speed up the development process because they have the technical know-how of both domains 

Types Of Website Development

In the previous section, we have gone through the concepts of web design and development at length. On technical grounds, both come under the umbrella of website development with different domains to work with. Still, the purpose remains the .me, that is to display information in a legible manner so that the intended user, either reader or prospect, can get to the relevant part easily. 

Following are the types of web development that are often used by both individuals and companies; 

  • Blogs & Portfolio Sites 
  • Content Management Systems 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Mobile Responsive/ Only Websites & Applications 

Why Choose Quality Resourcing Group LLC For Web Design & Development Services?

Now that we have gone through the definitions of web design and development aspects of a website, we understand that the field is highly technical and an average doe is not just capable enough to do the job. When you have a company to man or a blog to maintain, you need highly technical  hands on deck. A professional web design and development company is your best bet in this regard. They have all that it take. to produce quality work and maintain it through and through.

The embodiment of that “quality” is Quality Resourcing Group LLC

Since its inception, it has served thousands of clients, especially small and medium enterprises, in making its mark in their spheres. It has world-class specialists developers to develop engaging websites that are a feast to look at while serving their main purpose – connect sellers with their respective buyers. Quality Resourcing Group LLC does not stop at just making websites but also helps its customers break the ceiling and climb the search rankings and become visible through°ut the web. So, for the companies who are on the lookout for attested name to back their website development work, Quality Resourcing Group LLC is what they are looking for!



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