What Is Performance Marketing and Why It’s Important?

What is performance marketing and why it is important

When talked about Performance Marketing is generally refers to the online advertising strategy that is growing at ever so fast pace over the years. The Majority of great business today utilizes this special tool to grow profoundly and gain maximum number to customers and clients. According to the survey done in the year 2016, it was stated that around two-third or 74% of the US Shoppers agree that they visit at least two or three websites before completing any product Hello to our readers, if you are looking to get to know more about performance marketing and the perks of this very well opted strategy then you have come to the right place. 

Without further delay, let’s get into more details. 

What is Performance Marketing?

In simpler words, the term performance marketing refers to marketing done in terms of performance. 

This is a comprehensive term used for online marketing and advertising programs in which the advertisers are only paid once the desired goal has been achieved. The goal usually refers to the leach, sale, more publicity, more traffic on your websites etc.

This is a significant technique that has been being used to attract more sales towards one’s business. 

Purpose of Performance Marketing:

After the brief introduction to the term itself, the next important question that arises what purpose does performance marketing plays? 

Why do businesses opt for performance marketing strategy? 

Well there are a lot of purposes this great strategy plays such as: 

It is a great way to increase your sales, build your brands, spread product awareness, attract new buyer, towards your market, and engage with customer, without any limitations of the budget… 

Moreover, it also helps scale the reach and conversion of new buyers to your market at a lower risk. 

How does Online Performance Marketing Works?

The whole loco of online performance marketing is that once the desired result is achieved only then the advertisers are paid. It works in collaboration with paid advertising and brand ambassador. One of the main  things that separate performance marketing from other kinds of marketing strategy such as digital marketing or Quality Resourcing Group LLC, is the paying criteria. Unlike these, the businesses don’t pay per month or upfront, rather the amount is only paid when the desired result is fulfilled.

Goals of Performance Marketing:

We have talked about how the strategy only works once the goals of businesses are achieved, but the question here arises what are those goals? Let us explain those goals in details: 

  • To Generate Lead
  • To Increase Product Purchase and Sales
  • Application Downloads

Bridges Used For Performance Marketing: Importance of Digital Marketing

Moving forward, let’s have a little overview of how exactly performance marketing is managed. What are the means used by marketers to generate more leads on a company’s profile? 

The following are some of the common platforms used:


Display Ads:

Among many other bridges used for marketing strategies, display ads make their own space. These ads are the banners or promotional advertisements displaying your products on the websites visited by your target audience. These ads typically include links to the landing pages of the respective company where the audience might convert into leads and customers after purchasing your products. On Digital Marketing, Google Ads are frequently used to target the users whose interests and activities match your interest. Artificial intelligence plays a major role in the whole process.


Social Media Advertising:

In the ear of social media, it would be foolish to not utilize it to gain profit for your business. By using this method, you can reach out to a broader range of audiences and attract them to your business. These include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc to display your ads.


Search Engine Advertising:

Another great technique performance marketers use to gain more audience is to place their ads on search engines. Search engines are en excellent tool to increase online visibility and attract more users. The majority of businesses use this tool, to begin with, their online experience. These ads usually appear on the top of search engine results pages and are just text-only. However, if you go for Google Shopping ads they consist of images es well. With the use of digital marketing and search engine advertising, the company only pays when the customers click on their ads, go to your landing page or take any such desired action.

Importance of Performance Marketing:

Though we have talked about various benefits of performance marketing the good thing is, they are not the only ones. Besides the usual benefits of building your market, increasing sales, promoting your business one can also reduce the risks while increasing their market reach. 

Moreover, you can also reduce your budget and increase your brand revenue. 

Furthermore, the performance marketing process is easy to track measure, and maintain. The companies can see the whole click to consume path of each buyer as well as have clear assistance as to where to invest more and what platforms are producing better results. 

Since the money is only paid when the action has been reached there is no budget loss or risk involved. 

Difference between Performance Marketing and Digital Marketing:

Last but not West, one of the main concerns of our users is the difference between performance marketing and digital marketing. Though the platform of both these marketing invokes the usage of online channels for the promotion of one’s business; in performance marketing, the payment is only done once the outcome has been achieved This is the main difference between digital marketing and performance marketing. 

Final Thoughts:

Performance marketing is a technique that has been used widely today to gain more sales on a particular business. I hope we were able to answer all your queries regarding the subject. 



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